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EPCC-Projekt kunststoff folienindustrie

Instrumentierung und Prozessmanagement

Sie erhalten sorgfältig ausgewählte Produkte für Ihre Anforderungen in Bezug auf Druck, Temperatur, Durchfluss, Füllstand, Positionierung, Wägung, Aufzeichnung und Steuerung für nahezu jede industrielle Anwendung.

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    Anemometers, Bypass level indicators, capacitance, Coils and connectors, Communication adapters, conductive and ultrasonic, conductivity, Connector and fitting, Controllers, Data loggers, Detection and Sensors, Differential pressure transmitters, Electromagnetic and ultrasonic calorimeters, Flow meters electromagnetic, flow switches, Gas detectors, Gauge and absolute pressure transmitters, hydrostatic, Industrial UPS and Power Conversion, Industry manometers, inues level sensors float, Isolating modules, Manifold plates, Measurement of air quality, Measurement of humidity, Measurement Systems, Monitoring systems, oxygen, Oxygen analysor, Panel displays, Point level switches float, Portable indicators, Power supplies, Pressure regulators and switches, Process Control, programmable, Recorders, Relays and Timers, Remote Control Technology, rotary, Sensors and systems for measurement of pH/ORP, Stationary housings, thermal and mass, Transmitters analogue, turbidity, ultrasonic, ultrasonic and radar, Valve program, vibrating, vortex, Water meters for building and industry, Weighing systems for flow measurement, with communication

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