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“Beauty is everywhere a very welcome guest,” wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe at the start of the 19th century. And already 3,000 years before this, a great deal of time and extensive care was devoted to external appearance. The Ancient Egyptians were famous for their highly developed beauty culture; serving as a reference and the epitome of purity and beauty was legendary Queen Nefertiti. Whether make-up, ointments or tinctures – often made by priests the products found their place in select and finely decorated vessels made of clay, slate, metal or wood. And even today, packaging for cosmetics evokes the idea of luxury combining high-quality materials with sophisticated graphic applications and finishes.

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Wir haben uns auf weltweite Beschaffung sowie die Lieferung von Ausrüstung nach Asien/ Nahost spezialisiert. Wir gewährleisten Zufriedenheit, indem wir zuverlässig die führenden Marken europäischer Industrie-Waren in die ganze Welt liefern, wobei wir uns auf die asiatischen Märkte konzentrieren.